Stories Of Our Work

Zander’s Vision
Teddy Bear Project

“Heroes are not just in movies; they live among us, responding to calls of duty and saving lives, often without applause. Every heart we create is an applause they rightly deserve.” - Zander Noal

Zander’s Vision

It began with a young visionary, Zander Noal. At just 5, he recognized the silent sacrifices of our community heroes. Zander’s imagination laid the foundation for Z's Hearts For Hero’s, and his continued dedication fuels its growth.

“When a child is scared, even the smallest gesture can bring immense comfort. A teddy bear might just be a toy, but in traumatic moments, it's a silent guardian.” - Elizabeth Noal, Co-founder/Secretary

The Teddy Bear Project: Hugs from Heaven

Hugs from Heaven is more than just a project; it's a beacon of hope. Through these teddy bears, we bring solace to children during traumatic events, ensuring that amidst the chaos, they have something to hold onto.

“These wooden hearts are not just tokens; they’re reminders that the community stands by its heroes.” - Chris Noal, Co-founder/President

Hearts for Heroes

We initiated the wooden hearts project as a way for the community to express their unwavering support for our first responders. The ripple effect it has caused in the hearts of those who serve us daily is immeasurable.

“In their line of duty, our heroes confront scenes we can't even imagine. Our vision is to offer them a sanctuary, a place to heal.” - Steve Cone, Board Member

Spotlight on PTSD and Mental Health

Mental health and PTSD are real battles that many of our community heroes fight in silence. We’re working towards establishing resources, including a ranch, where they can seek the help they rightfully deserve.

“Education is the most powerful tool to rewrite narratives. We’ll show the world the real stories of our heroes, one heart at a time.” - Amy Reece, Board Member

Empowering Education

In an age where negativity sells, we aim to educate the masses about the valiant efforts of our community helpers. Through workshops, seminars, and outreach, we're shifting the focus to the positive stories our heroes craft every day.