The Issue

We are an organization rooted in the belief that our community heroes deserve unwavering support and acknowledgment for their dedicated service.

Mission & Values
At the heart of our mission is the passion to uplift and support those who serve and protect our community and country, continually bridging gaps through education, partnerships, and outreach.
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Empathy & Respect

We recognize the personal traumas many first responders face, emphasizing the significance of community backing in their lives.

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Dedication to Heroes

From firefighters to police and nurses, we stand firm in our commitment, extending our support to every community hero.

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Child's Vision

Our inception was inspired by a 5-year-old's vision to support and honor community heroes, proving age is no barrier to compassion.

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Community's Heartbeat

In an era of negativity, we aim to shine a positive light on the heroes serving our communities, transforming perspectives one heart at a time.

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Expressive Arts

From teddy bears to wooden hearts, our projects are crafted to uplift spirits, reminding our heroes they're cherished.

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Building Bridges

Through education and positive storytelling, we challenge the often negative narrative surrounding our first responders, replacing it with understanding and gratitude.

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Nationwide Outreach

Our ambition stretches beyond local communities, aiming to set up chapters across the country, ensuring every hero feels our heartfelt appreciation.

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Transparency & Growth

Every step we take is toward creating a lasting impact, maintaining transparency in our actions, and aspiring for continuous organizational growth.

Our Team
Meet the team of people making it happen.

Meet the visionary minds propelling Z's Hearts For Hero’s forward. Our leaders guide the mission, shaping the journey to appreciate and support community heroes.

Chris Noal, Co-founder / President
Steve Reinharz, Special Advisor
James Ott, Vice President
Steve Cone, Board Member
Amy Reece, Board Member
Elizabeth Noal, Co-founder / Secretary
Zander Noal, Co-founder & Visionary
Our Impact
Our mission, though young, has touched countless hearts:

of teddy bears distributed


of wooden hearts painted and shared


of events attended for community outreach


partnerships formed with like-minded organizations