The Issue

Everyday heroes face immense challenges, from trauma to lack of support. Discover how Z's Hearts For Hero’s stands with them.

What We Do
Supporting Those Who Serve and Protect


Strengthening the leadership capabilities of our community heroes.


Offering educational resources to promote a positive image of our frontline heroes.

Community Service

Initiatives aimed at increasing community support and understanding for our heroes.
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Did You Know?

Support When Needed Most

Over 60% of first responders report not having enough mental health support.

A Child's Vision

Z's Hearts For Hero’s was founded by a 5-year-old wanting to support community heroes.

The Power of Community

Every year, local heroes save countless lives, often with limited resources and recognition.

Beyond the Badge

Many first responders face personal traumas, making community support vital for their well-being.

"Z's Hearts For Hero’s changed my life. It's a beacon of hope in dark times."

Mark, Retired Firefighter

"In a world full of negative news, this organization reminded me of the good we do every day."

Sarah, Nurse
LET’S Take action now to save the future.

Hugs from Heaven Project Launch

Join us in spreading comfort to children in traumatic events.
Latest News

Zander Speaks at the Pa Sheriff’s Association Conference

Our young visionary addresses an audience of heroes.