Hearts for Heroes: How It All Began

When we think about serendipity, few stories resonate as deeply as that of the Noal family and their journey with AITX. A journey of hardships, faith, and the unwavering human spirit to help others. Here's how Chris, with the support of Steve Reinharz (founder and CEO of AITX), turned a personal challenge into a larger mission of giving.

Back in 2019, even before the world confronted the pandemic, the Noal family had battles of their own. Chris and his pregnant wife discovered mold in their home due to a concealed roofing issue. They, along with their two-year-old Zander, had to move out. While juggling their respective jobs at a recovery plan and in physical therapy, the Noals faced the daunting task of fixing their home amidst an unfolding crisis. Chris recalls a heart-wrenching question from Zander: “Dad, when can I get my own room back?”

In the midst of these challenges, Chris came across a promising opportunity with AITX, a company that was still in its nascent stages. After a leap of faith and a modest investment, the stock soared, allowing Chris to fix the roof of his house. Throughout this period, Chris maintained communication with Steve from AITX. Their bond went beyond the usual investor-company relationship; it was a connection built on mutual respect and shared challenges. Steve's genuine concern and Chris's gratitude cemented a lasting bond.

Once settled, the family's inherent spirit to give back to the community shone brightly. Inspired by Zander's admiration for first responders, they started crafting heart-shaped flags. Selling these hearts, they envisaged, could help fund their pay-it-forward meals for first responders.

The idea of formalizing their cause into a non-profit started taking shape. With guidance and support from friends including the Pa sheriff's association, Zander and Chris’ vision was gradually turning into a reality.

Chris shared his mission with Steve from AITX - to bridge the gap between the community and first responders. For Chris and Zander, it was about acknowledging and respecting those who risk their lives daily. This mission struck a cord with Steve as his entire professional career has been about protection of people and assets. "We can change the world one heart at a time," Zander would often say. Touched by the family's story and their cause, Steve offered guidance, startup funding as the first charitable donations and other assistance to help them establish an online presence, a process to receive donations, taxation advice and other miscellaneous points to help zhearts.com expand to provide as much support as possible to as many as possible.

Today, "Hearts for Heroes" proudly launches its website, a culmination of faith, hard work, and an undying spirit to make a difference. Their story isn't just about overcoming personal challenges but turning those challenges into opportunities to uplift others. A tale where resilience meets compassion, and where small gestures can indeed change the world.

A special thanks to Steve and AITX for being an integral part of this journey, and to Zander, the young visionary, who reminds us all of the power of a compassionate heart.